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What parents have said

"I would recommend Anne without hesitation - she was wonderful with my son and his speech improved significantly after each session with her. He is now far more confident with his sounds, he looked forward to seeing Anne with her bag of toys each week and it was a real pleasure to see him enjoy each session so much and get so much out of it. We are so glad we were recommended Anne in the first place!"

Parent A

"We had a great experience with Anne, my son got on really well and he adores her. Since we’ve started using Anne my son has been talking more in sentences and he can now explain himself better. I would always recommend Anne to anyone."

Parent B

"Anne has been excellent with our daughter and she really looked forward to Anne's visits. Our daughter has progressed so much since Anne's involvement and we were sent a summary report every week following her sessions."

Parent C

"We took Anne on to help our 3 year old son who could not pronounce consonants. It was at a pivotal point where he was starting to get frustrated where even those of us in his immediate, everyday life couldn't understand him. Anne assessed him and provided us with a very honest outline of the work she could do with him - I was impressed with her approach. We have continued seeing Anne every week for 12 weeks now, and his speech has come on incredibly well to where he now pronounces five consonants without trouble and seems to improve either in his speech or in adding a new consonant every week. We are so pleased with the progress he's been making and with Anne's work, particularly as he's not always overwhelmingly compliant if he knows he's being made to do something! We would recommend Anne hands down to anyone looking for someone who can listen, support, and provide guidance where it's needed - on top of that, she's incredibly flexible and a pleasure to work with."

Parent D

"Anne has been absolutely wonderful in helping our very quiet son who has auditory processing problems, with his expressive language, whilst dealing with his poor working memory. She has been excellent in liaising with the school and feeding back to us and is so proactive in coming up with new and fresh ideas to keep the work interesting for our son. He has a lovely connection with Anne and trusts her implicitly and consequently his confidence has grown week by week and is now becoming more chatty and brave enough to have a go at getting his voice be heard with his peers and teachers. This has had a wider effect on his written work and he is now going from strength to strength. We can't thank her enough."

Parent E



''She sees my son every week and writes a detailed report about what was done with him and targets. This is very helpful for us''.

Parent F

'' I will start by saying that, every time Anne has had a speech therapy session with our toddler, there has been a burst in his speech in both English and Romanian. I cannot believe his progress in just a few months! He started from saying no words to making short sentences! And that is all credit to Anne! I offered to have Anne work with him on a weekly basis, but she felt that he doesn’t need it that often and recommended one a month. She is a very kind and calm person, always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. My son loves Anne and speaks about her after their session''

Parent G

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